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Ad Requirements

Acceptable Digital Static Ad Formats

  • File type: either JPEGs or GIFs
  • File weight: up to 40k maximum
  • Hyperlink to single absolute URL must be provided

Ad Submissions

Ad Positions

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Advertising Rate Schedule

Price Type Ad Placements* Duration
$1,500 A, B & C Advertiser gets all three types: Type A Home Page,
Type B & C placed randomly throughout site.
1 Year
$750 B & C Advertiser get:Type B & C placed
randomly throughout site.
1 Year
$250 C Advertiser gets:Type C placed
randomly throughout site.
1 Year

*Ad placement and rotation is determined by Bass Unlimited Marketing Department

Terms and Conditions

All advertising shall be prepaid. All rates are net with no agency commission allowed. Any tax hereafter applicable to advertising will be added to the prevailing rates. All rates payable in United States dollars. All advertising is on a first come basis. Rates and conditions given in this rate card are subject to change without notice.

DELIVERY DEADLINES: Advertisement will be published within 5 working days after payment is received and Bass Unlimited approves advertisement. Deadlines for ads that require creative development are 5 days in advance of regular deadlines. In other words, ads that are to be created by Bass Unlimited or its contractors require 10 business days before publishing.

SPECIAL SERVICES: Bass Unlimited staff and contractors are available to assist advertiser with layouts and production art. Requests for artwork preparation is $105 per hour with one-hour minimum plus the cost of stock art or photography. Advertiser may provide logo, illustration or photographs for the advertisement

POLICY: Bass Unlimited shall not be liable for any error in or any omission of any advertisement. Advertising materials must be supplied at advertiser’s own expense. All advertising requests are subject to the approval of Bass Unlimited, who reserves the right to reject in whole or in part and advertisement that Bass Unlimited determines is not in the best interests and policy of Bass Unlimited. Brokered advertising is not accepted. Contracts, orders and/or copy instructions containing conditions which conflict with the Bass Unlimited policies will not be considered binding on Bass Unlimited. Any tax hereafter applicable to advertising will be added to the prevailing rates.

Advertiser and advertising agency recognize and accepts that the following language appears within the Bass Unlimited website: “All statements, including product claims, are those of the person or organization making the statement or claim. The word “advertisement” will be placed above or below any copy, which Bass Unlimited believes resembles an editorial presentation. Bass Unlimited assumes no responsibility for improper use of coupons forming part of an advertisement. Advertiser and advertising agency accept and assume liability for all content (including text, representations, illustrations, opinions and facts) of advertisements, and also assume responsibility for an claims made against the publisher arising from or related to such advertisements

Advertiser represents that all advertising copy is truthful and not misleading. Advertiser shall indemnify and hold Bass Unlimited harmless from any claim arising out of or in connection with placed advertising (except for modifications made by Bass Unlimited without advertiser’s approval), including, but not limited to, claims for libel, invasion of privacy, commercial appropriation of one’s name or likeness, copyright infringement, trademark, trade name or patent infringement, commercial defamation, false advertising, or any other claim whether based in tort or contract, or on account of any state or federal statute, including state and federal deceptive trade practices acts. If advertiser claims copyright ownership in any of the advertising published, advertiser must include proper notice of its copyright claim in the body of the advertisement; otherwise, copyright ownership shall remain with Bass Unlimited.

Bass Unlimited is not liable for guaranteeing advertising in the event of Act of God, action by any government or quasi-governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot explosion, embargo, strikes, whether legal or illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slowdown, or any condition beyond the control of Bass Unlimited affecting publishing of advertising.