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Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activity in the United States. There are over 52 million freshwater anglers of all ages from professional to amateurs who hit the waters each week to experience the thrill of catching fish and to enjoy our country’s great outdoors.

Fishing is more than just entertainment for millions of people; it’s also a major economic engine in our country. Of the 52 million people who freshwater fish in the United States, 10 million anglers are solely dedicated to the sport of Bass fishing. The Bass fishing industry generates billions of dollars which are spent on boats, motors, trailers, trolling motors, electronics, anchoring systems, batteries, fishing rods, reels, tackle, fishing line, and list goes on. This revenue helps our national and local economies, by generating jobs and creating federal, state and local tax revenue.

Memberships and donations are a large part of Bass Unlimited Foundation funding, which is solely used for the financial support to help protect this important industry and to enhance the fishing experience enjoyed by so many of us. Your participation through giving is needed in helping Bass Unlimited Foundation achieve its mission and purpose.

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