Bass Unlimited Foundation and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources are delighted to continue with their partnership to help make fishing better in Indiana. While this partnership enters into its second year, it is apparent they are making a positive difference. With the Sullivan Lake Habitat enhancement being done in 2016 and now a project at Raccoon Lake in 2017, Indiana anglers can only hope that this partnership continues to grow and more lakes can share in their success. Download Raccoon Map

Status update on the habitat enhancement project at Raccoon Lake for 2017. There have been 60 tons of rock delivered to pre-staging areas within Raccoon Lake State Park located at 1588 South Raccoon Pkwy, Rockville Indiana 47872. When favorable conditions become present (the lake bed freezing and water levels lowering) heavy equipment will be used to complete rock hump complexes. The Indiana DNR is anticipating they will have the rock dispersed in the next couple of weeks. Upon completion of this first phase of the project the DNR will reassess to see if we have time, based upon lake conditions to get more rock delivered and an additional rock hump complexes done for completion of stage two.