Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald - Professional Bass Angler

"Unfortunately, through the years I have witnessed the decline of so many fisheries. I believe, if the fishing community would unite as other organizations have in the fishing and hunting industry such as Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Trout Unlimited, etc, we as fishing enthusiasts could help increase the quality of our fisheries for today and future generations. I would like to be a part of this and that is why I support and more importantly, have become a member of Bass Unlimited Foundation".

Jay Yelas

Jay Yelas - Professional Bass Angler

"Bass Unlimited is all about improving our fisheries for future generations to enjoy. Their work is vital to ensuring quality fishing opportunities across America, and that's why I joined Bass Unlimited".

Randy Blaunkat

Randy Blaunkat - Professional Bass Angler and Journalist

"As bass anglers, we all have a responsibility to not only protect our resources, but to set in motion to insure that future generations will have not only access to quality fishing, but an environment that is vibrant and sustainable for the long-term. Bass Unlimited plays a diverse and key role in not only improving fisheries, but a wide range of other important topics related to our sport. To me that is crucial and why I became a member of Bass Unlimited".

Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc.

Gary Nesty, O.D. - CEO Solar Bat Enterprises, Inc.

"I have bass fished all my life and love the sport, however I have seen over the years the quality of bass fishing declining for a variety of reasons. I have three grandchildren ranging in age from 8-19 and want them to experience better bass fishing than even I did in my early years. This is why I was eager to become a founding member of the Bass Unlimited Foundation. What this organization is going to do should have been done years ago."

Big Indiana Bass

Brian Waldman - Big Indiana Bass

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith for what you hope is the greater good, and not overthink or over analyze the situation. Have you ever wondered why bass fishermen can't get their act together and form a powerful organization for the betterment of the sportfish (all black bass) and the waters that it swims in?

Odds are really good that most everyone reading this belongs to such an organization already - the NRA, Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Pheasants Forever...With so many anglers, especially so many bass anglers, why hasn't anyone ever put together a "Bass Unlimited" before now. The closest thing is a Texas state organization, but everything else along those lines has failed for one reason or another over the years. Hopefully, that is all about to change, and that change is starting right here in Indiana.

Wil Newlin, former open wheel racer and avid bass angler, has put in place the foundation for just such a national organization, Bass Unlimited. I recently spent over an hour talking with Wil about the new organization, and I believe he has put all the right pieces into place to make this work. While I can't mention all the industry personnel he has spoken with and is garnering support from "behind the scenes" (those news announcements will come), I was very impressed with what has been done to date. I quizzed him about the structure, organization, and possible pitfalls, and he really has "dotted the i's and crossed the t's" so to speak. I really think you're going to be hearing a lot about this group in the coming months, but it's going to take some unquestioned support to start gaining traction.

The basic structure though is all there to make this happen. Eventually, state chapters will get formed, and monies generated will come back to each state to work on a variety of projects, all with the specific intent of supporting and improving bass fishing and bass fisheries in each state. Yearly banquets (similar to DU) will be held, and corporate support will follow. With size and support will come political clout. Yes, it will take some time, but none of it will happen if we/you don't take that first step - or leap. As an Indiana angler, their vision should be incredibly appealing.

The quickest way to make this happen is to do what I did - and simply join! Don't over think it. Don't mull over it. Don't talk yourself out of it. Just give it a year and send in your $35 for an individual membership while it's fresh in your mind. There are even bass "club" memberships available. Speaking of, if you want Wil or one of their staff to come to your next club meeting and explain what they're trying to do, just contact them. Simply check out the "Bass Unlimited" website.

This really has a chance at succeeding, and you can trust that Wil and his staff have put in a ton of work getting everything in place to make this happen. They are truly committed to success. Now, we just need ALL bass anglers to also believe, and give them that chance to make a difference by joining. Please consider doing so!

Anglers Dream

Stan Zatorski - President Anglers Dream LLC

"Bass Unlimited is the first organization solely dedicated to the conservation of bass fishing. With the extreme fishing pressures on today's waters, protecting our fisheries is essential. Bass Unlimited is providing the resources to make bass fishing better for today and the formula to protect the future of our sport for generations to come. I fully acknowledge and support Bass Unlimited and if you're a bass fisherman you should too."


Kevin Yeary - CEO/Founder USA BASSIN LLC

"In today's world with government cut backs, I believe it's imperative that Bass angler's join together to support our state DNR's, in providing funds for restocking lakes, forage and Bass habitat. This is only way we can guarantee Bass Fishing for generations to come. This is why I joined Bass Unlimited!"


Todd Auten - Professional Bass Angler

"I have a love for the sport of bass fishing. Through organizations like Bass Unlimited we can ensure that future generations will have great places to fish. This is why I became a member."