The begining of a vision

I was invited to an Elk foundation fund raising banquet, which was being held in my home town. During this banquet I was very impressed with the participation, considering that the majority of the attendees, such as myself has never seen an elk in the wild. During this particular banquet, I quickly realized the amount of support being raised for the preservation of Elk. It wasn’t long that I began to ask myself; why have I not been to a banquet, which benefits the sport of bass fishing? After researching, to my surprise there was'nt a national Non-Profit organization, which was solely dedicated to the promotion of habitat enhancement, education and the restoration of bass fishing. Knowing that such organizations existed for Ducks, Pheasants, Turkey, Deer and of course Elk, why not start an organization for Bass, after all the largemouth bass in the most sought after game fish in the world. With the vision fresh in mind and having the support of my wife, we took the first steps toward forming such an organization.

After my wife and I completed our marketing and demographic research, we both shared a lot of apprehension in the beginning, but we both understood that a vision without action, is nothing more than a daydream. It was that moment, we both agreed to finance the organization. An attorney and a marketing agency was hired and the journey began. Domain names were purchased, the trade name and trade mark were registered, board members established and paperwork filed with the Indiana Secretary of State. In October 2013 it became official, Bass Unlimited was formed.

It was now time, in the business plan to seek out a person who shared in our passion for the sport of bass fishing and shared in the vision of Bass Unlimited. Normally this would be a long and rigorous process. However, Wil already knew the perfect man for the job. Jon Holloway, like many other bass anglers is very passionate about bass fishing. Jon accepted the position of Vice President of Operations of Bass Unlimited. Jon, like many others believe that Bass Unlimited will have a positive impact on bass fishing for years to come. It is this initial group that began the work on the mission, organizational structure, how the organization would raise money and how this money would be spent, corporate by-laws drafted and what needed to be put in place, before taking Bass Unlimited mission to the public.

Let us all enjoy the journey in fulfilling Bass Unlimited's vision and mission, because united we will improve bass fishing.


Wil and Carol Newlin