Yes, your donations are tax deductible. Bass Unlimited Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) foundation. However, each individual or business needs for tax deductions will vary, we suggest that you contact your individual tax advisor or business tax advisor.

Only if you get approval in writing from Bass Unlimited Foundation. Bass Unlimited, Bass Unlimited Foundation and our fish image are registered trademarks.

Please refer to our United States Territory Map to see if Bass Unlimited Foundation is represented in your state, if so there will be a state director contact. However should you not get you answer please call the corporate office at 812-814-4659.

In the event Bass Unlimited Foundation is not currently represented in your state. Be assured our goal is to have a representative and presence in all 48 continental United States. The format for selecting the next states we plan to expand to is quite simply done by:

  • The amount of members supporting Bass Unlimited Foundation within a state. States with a higher number of members will be selected before states with less members. If you wish to become a member click here.

There are several ways you can support Bass Unlimited through advertisings programs.

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You can make a tax-deductible donation to the Bass Unlimited Foundation by clicking here.

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Membership support within a particular state will be a critical component, along with the number of volunteers that have signed up to help with projects, events and fundraisers within a state.

The state with the largest membership and volunteer support will be the next state selected for Bass Unlimited Foundation expansion.

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Bass Unlimited Foundation is exclusively dedicated to improving fishing conditions by impacting public accessible waters in the United States with healthier populations of fish so that all ages of anglers, professional and amateur will have a better more productive and entertaining recreational experience.

Other fishing organizations due have great conservation programs and have done much to help fishing conservation. However, much more is needed to significantly impact the angler’s success rate.

After we receive confirmation of your membership, we will try to mail out your membership packet within 7 - 10 days.

There are many opportunities to support Bass Unlimited through advertising, memberships, sponsoring events, hosting an event, or volunteering.

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The majority of anglers are aware of other great conservation organizations and foundations such as, but not limited to; Ducks Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited, etc. All of these organizations have done great things in conservation, preservation and restoration across this great nation for their species of interest. This was done by raising millions of dollars and organizing thousands of dedicated outdoor sportsmen and women volunteers dedicated to improving conditions of their species of interest.

The time has arrived for dedicated anglers both men and women to embrace this concept to improve our sport of freshwater sport fishing.

Unfortunately we as anglers continue to experience increased restrictions being approved such as; decreased limits, size restrictions, quantity of contestants being lowered and tournament competitions being banned all together All of these restrictions are put in place and justified as having to be done to help the fishery recover.

Of course if you limit access on a resource, or stop public access to the resource all together; the resource “Fishing” will get better. In the meantime while restrictions are in place on a body of water, many other adverse effects will occur:

  • Local businesses around the lake suffer as well, less gas sold, less people staying in the hotels or cabins, Anglers using guide services decrease, local tackle shops sell less tackle, local boat dealer’s service business decrease and less people eating at the local restaurants.
  • National businesses suffer as well, but the adverse impact is less apparent. However the bottom line is: Less fishing line sold, boat purchases decline, boat electronics decline, fishing rod and reels decline, tackle sales decline and participation in fishing events decline.
  • We as an industry begin to see more gray hair or no hair competitors at our events. Sure, currently the solution is to expand in different markets, such as attracting younger competitors thru are High School and College fishing programs. Yes, we are indeed seeing some younger people enter into our sport, but how long will the majority of young people fish for less 3 bites a day. Absolutely there will be slow days in fishing. BUT THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE EXCEPTION TO OUR SPORT AND NOT ACCEPTED AS THE NORM.

Bass Unlimited Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization devoted only to improving fishing by providing resources for conservation, preservation, and restoration of fish populations in public accessible waters for anglers of today and future generations.

Bass Unlimited Foundation will achieve its mission and purpose by working with each states fisheries agency to supply scientific strategies for improving aquatic natural and artificial habitat, forage re-stockings, sport fish restocking, erosion control and improved water quality. We will provide monetary funding or volunteers to assist state fisheries to invest in our public fisheries rather than implementing additional restrictions.

In Closing, let us not continue to go down a slippery slope, by relying on Federal and State agencies to fix this issue. These Federal and State agencies will continue to have budgets cuts or funds reallocated to other programs outside our fishing industry. Let us invest our funds to a foundation who consists of anglers dedicated to only 1 thing and 1 thing only. Which is improving fishing for anglers of today and future generations.

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